Case Study: MSOC Health | ClinixPM

What’s it take to grow a practice management billing and consulting company from seven clients to more than 60 clients, including two major hospitals with multiple clinics? MSOC Health knows the answer. That’s exactly what they’ve accomplished in just the past eight years.

“We’ve grown due to our accountability, adaptability, and the ability to deliver customer service above and beyond the competition,” said Cameron Cox, III, CEO of MSOC Health, “and our partnership with Clinix has been a pivotal factor at every step along the way.”

MSOC Health first started using Clinix practice management software in early 2005. Deploying the software was a snap, according to Cox, and it resulted in instant transparency. MSOC Health and its clients were now digitally interconnected, with everyone working on the same system and able to view information in real time.
“Clinix was a game-changer for us,” he declared. “I enjoy working with them. It’s been a strong relationship for eight years.”

Before Clinix, MSOC Health had to wait to receive billing information by mail, then re-enter the information into the system. By eliminating all of that delivery and keying time, the company was able to greatly accelerate the revenue cycle, getting bills paid in nearly half the time—going from four or five days to just two or three.

This boost in productivity also helped MSOC Health expand its capacity to take on new clients. And since Clinix software is entirely internet-based, rolling it out to each new client required minimal time, no new hardware, and very little installation. An internet connection and a few hours of training is all it takes.

Best of all is Clinix’ commitment to an active, responsive relationship.

“Clinix always listens and works with us to adapt its software to deliver exactly what our clients are looking for,” said Cox. “That’s what keeps Clinix at the top of their game. They take a personal interest in our business needs and work hard to develop customized solutions for every issue. We’re confident we can deliver better service to our clients than anyone else because we have Clinix backing us up.”

One of Clinix’ greatest strengths is the flexibility it provides to billing companies and practice management firms in creating reports that are instantly understandable and useful to their clients. MSOC Health believes superior reporting is a critical part of customer satisfaction. Transparency and visibility of data are the cornerstone of communication.

“Clinix makes accountability easy,” said Cox. “The raw data, the customizability—it’s like music on paper.”

MSOC Health also appreciates the pricing offered by Clinix, which helps keep the company’s bidding competitive with national firms who are frequently able to out-price regional players for new business.

A faster revenue cycle, increased productivity, simple implementation, exceptional reporting, adaptability, a partner who truly listens, stronger accountability, and pricing that allows regional practice management companies to be competitive with the national players—all of these are vital to look for in a practice management software provider. But to position your company for rapid, yet sustainable long-term growth, Cox says there’s one more thing that may be even more important than the rest.

“Clinix’ value system lined up perfectly with our own. We strive to be our clients’ biggest advocate, and I think Clinix can say the same.”

MSOC Health was founded in 1997 by Cameron Cox, III, MHA, FACMPE, as a medical billing company. As MSOC Health has grown over the years, the company has built a team of veteran practice administrators and MHA graduates who have current, in-depth knowledge on the many issues physicians, practice administrators, and hospitals face. Today, MSOC Health offers not only revenue cycle management but also consulting services to physicians looking to start a practice, improve business operations, or develop strategies for enhanced business opportunities. Visit for more information.